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Best Unattended Death Cleanup Company – Milwaukee, WI.

Environment Solutions, LLC. is Wisconsin’s most trusted Unattended Death Cleanup company. We are here to help people. Voted most trusted and compassionate in Milwaukee.

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You will find that our staff and crew are friendly, helpful, honest and caring. We work quickly to get your job done, without compromising the quality of service. We guarantee all of our work.

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Unlike other nationwide crime scene clean-up companies we have excellent reviews and wonderful relationships with our clients. We do not take advantage of you in your most vulnerable time.

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Unattended Death Cleanup Company – Milwaukee, WI.

We are here to help. You can reach us 24-hours a day at 1-800-990-0346.

Environment Solutions, LLC. is an unattended death cleanup services company. At Environment Solutions, the vision is clear: to provide regulated unattended death cleanup and treatment services to our clients with unparalleled quality and service by Newrest Funerals paying close attention to detail and safety, based on complete moral and ethical principles and values.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Life brings forth many challenges but none so challenging like death, especially that of a loved one. And even more tragic, a person may die and remain undiscovered for days, weeks or even months.

Such a situation is what is known as an unattended death. As sometimes is the case with suicides, homicides, accidents, or death by natural causes.   More often than not, unattended deaths happen within the home. And the victims usually live alone and have no family or friends nearby.

Upon the discovery and reporting of an unattended death, cleaning up is left to the deceased’s family. Which poses some concerns due to: The unsettling nature of decomposition. After death, a corpse begins to rapidly bloat, decay, discolor, and emit an unpleasant smell. And this would undoubtedly be traumatic for the loved ones.

Health hazards. The airborne bacteria and biological material that emanate from the corpse constitute serious health risks. A decomposing body affects a home’s livability within hours under ideal weather conditions. And the furniture, appliances, and clothes in just days.  But thankfully, there are bioremediation companies like Environment Solutions that offer unattended death cleanup services.

We ensure biohazard remediation by thoroughly cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing, and restoring the scene. Our professionals are not only licensed but possess the appropriate tools and protective gear needed for a meticulous cleanup.

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Our protective clothing includes such things as:

While our unattended death cleanup process includes the use of:

What is the importance of an unattended death clean up?

It is not enough to simply clean any blood, body fluids, biological material, and get rid of contaminated items. Biohazard remediation is also vital. A bio-hazard is any risk to human health and or the environment from a biological process such as decomposition. Keep in mind that porous materials such as carpets, wood, drywall, and concrete will absorb body fluids. There may be a risk of bloodborne pathogens depending on the deceased’s health status. Standard household cleaning products are not strong enough to thoroughly clean and disinfect an unattended death scene.

Even the smallest untreated biological material can render a home unlivable. Given the above, it is highly risky to embark on an unattended death cleanup yourself.

Bioremediation companies will properly clean and dispose of any biohazards. And ensure the health and safety of future tenants.  Why hire Environment Solutions, LLC.?  Thanks to bioremediation experts like Environment Solutions  you never have to clean up an unattended death scene yourself. Doing so may increase the chances of you experiencing traumatic grief.

Traumatic grief is an extremely unhealthy response to the loss of a loved one. Somewhat similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  We understand how overwhelming death is to the deceased’s family. And we very much feel for you. That is why we undertake the whole process with discretion, thoughtfulness, and expertise.

We also issue a certificate guaranteeing the safety of the property in the event you wish to rent or sell. We provides unattended death cleanup services to families and property managers alike. And our professionals are available 24/7.

Should you face an unattended death remember you’re not alone, call us and let us ease the burden for you.

It’s that simple. And it’s backed by a record that stands for itself.


Francisco Mijares


Environment Solutions, LLC. was founded in 2012 by Francisco Mijares. He has personally helped thousands of businesses and families in their most vulnerable time of need. He is always present on his jobs to ensure that his crew is providing his client only the best services in the industry.

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Genuine Reviews

I can’t rave enough about this company. I am extremely grateful to Francisco and team for their clean up. His customer service was exceptional. I went with this company because of his reviews and he didn’t disappoint. He was extremely understanding, compassionate and kind during a very difficult and heartbreaking time for me. He was so knowledgeable and he definitely worked a miracle. He made me feel like I was his only client and he was timely and effecient. They were so professional. I will never forget what he did for me or how he made me feel. I would HIGHLY recommend him and his team for any kind of clean up service you may have, he exceeded my expectations.
Jessica Herb
A tragic death in the family brought us to hire the services of Francisco and Environmental Solutions. They were so professional and caring in this difficult situation. The home needed to be cleaned out after decades of accumulation. The house was assessed upfront and pricing agreed upon, with none of the surprise add-on prices sometimes charged by bigger firms. We were impressed with Francisco’s knowledge of how to handle and dispose of all types of debris, including recyclables, waste, hazardous materials, and even medical supplies.
Patricia Sachtler
To the rescue! Recently, I needed a specialized team on a particularly serious clean up. Francisco and his team did an amazing job! He was a pleasure to work with from my first contact. He was compassionate, professional, and did this work in a timely fashion. Francisco’s communication throughout the clean up process was “the best”. He was “on time”, fairly priced, and stayed in touch via text, email, or calls during the entire job. The work was completed as promised. Invoicing and payment was complete and easy. Again, he was a pleasure to work with on a very nasty clean up. I would absolutely recommend Francisco and his company.
Janice Kurian
We would like to express how grateful we are for Francisco. We contacted multiple other companies and they did not even come close to his quality, knowledge and professionalism. He is now known as “St. Francisco” in our house. He and his team were kind and compassionate in an extremely traumatic situation. Not only did they do an amazing job, but also helped us navigate through the process and were supportive and non-judgmental along the way. Their service was top notch and went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend them for any clean up needs you may have.
Julio Manero
Fransisco and Environment Solutions are not only knowledgable in the services they offer but compassionate and discreet as well in what can be a delicate situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone finding themselves or a family member in need of a hoarding clean up service. Staff is friendly and courteous and clean up was efficiently and timely completed.
Amber Cvecko
This company was fantastic. They assisted me in every way possible to clean up and out an environmental and hoarding mess created by a family member. They were there consistently until the job was done. They even helped at the end of the remodel job to clean up an environmental hazard created by some of the remodel workers. This company is very reliable
and capable and will take on any task no matter how disagreeable.
Susan Sepic
I wish I could give it more than five stars. Francisco and his team were amazing and went above and beyond.. Not only did they do a beautiful job but they were kind, they were courteous and respectful and beyond helpful. I would recommend them for any type of job.
Linda Brent


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